Third of George

Wait, let me get my coffee.

Hello once again you fragments of our higher internet intelligence. Would any of you like to guess what time it is? Anyone? It’s time to inflict my opinions onto the world once more in the style of Bobby Fischer during the later parts of his life, in which is to say in the style of mad ravings. But hey, at least it’s a rave! Raves are fun for teenagers nowadays right?

And in today’s episode…

Alas, ye merry children, onwards with the program! Today, I will be talking about the great effect that the internet has had on the academics of youths and the way that youth culture has so drastically changed because of it. Basically it’s the last three posts but in the theme of academics. So, following how the internet has made information easier to attain to all and how the internet can be used to spread an idea far and wide, these both also apply to education.


In the informational age that is the 21st century, education has been very quickly digitally adapted, both lessons and infrastructure as some educational institutes completely internet based. With 98% of colleges and universities offering online programs since 2014, it has become particularly popular as it cuts down the physical need to be at an actual institute before you can continue the learning process, now being able to do so anywhere so long as there is internet connection.

This is quite a huge leap for education in how it is now available to a much wider spectrum of people than ever before. People who once was unable to access higher education for whatever reason now can very easily enroll for a huge variety of courses with a significantly decreased fee from actually enrolling to university. But not just university.


The internet has also changed the way that many schools operate.Although online components have existed since the conception of the internet, it no longer is just an additional internet based component, but rather full integration of the internet into schools. Online textbooks have become incredibly popular both locally and internationally as students are exchanging the classic bag of schoolbooks for a tablet. This is one of the ways that the internet is slowly becoming synonymous with schools amongst many, each change slow but immeasurably more effective in the learning process.

Why bring a bag when you can have a tablet?

Learning but without all the boring parts

Before the days of the internet, when a student had a question, he needed to seek help or scour through pages after pages of text should they need a question answered. That can now be completely done via searching your question on the internet. The speed of it all is what makes this process so efficient, allowing us students many means of inquiring rather than a limited few. Resources for further clarification and practice on various subjects has also been digitized, this being very prominent in Polytechnic, where in the past one needed to spend money to get an assessment book, now you just need to look online.


Educational Institutes are not the only way to learn however. Youths nowadays have access to the Great Library of the modern era, vast pools of knowledge available to them at the reach of their fingers. This has done wonders for youths these days, many of us being relatively natural learners in our different aspects. This to me is the biggest step forward, my personal opinion being that the generations after us can only move towards being better and better learners.

Thank God, For Wikipedia (And Google) 

This most likely stems from platforms such as Google and Wikipedia, both of these managing to simplify the research process to the point where even young children are capable of doing so. This tool for navigating the vast library that is the internet has become incredibly sophisticated and advanced, allowing different passive functions for ease of use, and very recently even using our searches to add convenience to our daily lives. While this may have its cons (it has cons, I discuss it later on), I think that this has increased both our capacity and aptitude for researching and learning, while allowing the accessibility of it all to remain relatively similar.


(Shocking! Not really)

But just like everything mentioned in the previous posts, there are concerns about it, some more extreme than others, but concerns nonetheless.

Learning from Computers?

One of the first concerns that both much of the public and myself have, is the lack of a proper human medium in the learning process. The conveying of information has always been the easiest and most efficient from one person to another and thus the fact that online learning has removed that direct aspect, many feel that the entire process is prone to crumble should the student be unable to understand the lesson over much of the non-interactive teacher. The whole idea of teaching is a communication process which one ask and the other answers, and with computers being the one who answers, it much of the time slows down the inquiry process due to typing ones questions replacing direct just speaking.

Don’t even get me started on Terminator

While this concern is definitely valid, this is slowly becoming a irrelevant, again due to the wonder of the internet. Things like Skype, Face time, and Google Hangouts have broken down these communication walls in allowing a human teacher to be directly coaching his students regardless of distance. This process have become widely popular amongst schools and many teachers take full advantage of this and I’m sure others will catch one soon enough.

Mass Hysteria of Internet Crashing

Another pressing matter that may be brought up is the unreliability of the internet, being that the possibility of it crashing is almost a certainty.Of course, this concern is also valid, but in the last 10 years, the internet speed have increased almost by 50 times while its volatility have decreased in proportion to the information delivered. Along with the low chances of the internet crashing, the chances of your internet crashing enough to deter an online lesson is practically 0.

And with that, I think I’ll end it for this week. This has been a rather lengthy post, and I do hope you’ve gained some level of knowledge from it. Tell me what are you thoughts down below! Next week will also be the finale of George, so I do hope you’ll come back to see the flaming finale of the vocal lunatic that is me.




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