The Good, The Bad, The Second Blog Post


Hello once again travelers, I see you have once again stumbled across this internet grassland known as my blog. If you’ve read the previous post, welcome back, but….

Full disclosure, if this is the first post of mine you’re reading…then it would be my job to inform you that this is in fact the second post in a series of four, whatever you do from this point onward (you probably should go back and read the first one) being of entirely of your free will. So onwards with the program then.

Last time, on Blog Post

Last week I have the vivid recollection that we discussed the prospect of how the internet has managed to positively and negatively affect the entertainment spectrum of a teenager. I also did ask for you people to comment your opinion about what we discussed and from the looks of it, it seems like a majority of you seem to agree with my stand on things along with the facts I presented. It sure is great knowing that I’m not a lunatic spewing horrifically insane rambles. So, as another check on my mental state (a.k.a school assignment), this week I will be opening a discussion on the chain link between the internet and a teenagers social behavior.

The Good

So I think I’ll say this first to get my general opinion out of the way: Socially, the internet has been a marvel and the most impactful of all the aspects the internet brought in, especially for the teenage culture. Allowing us as a race to communicate and connect with one another on a worldwide scale with platforms such as Whatsapp, Skype, and Facebook. Teenagers especially are the biggest culprit in contributing to these numbers, with a full 90% of teenagers having a stake in the social cake and all of them using the internet for at least 75% of their free time.


Because of this incredibly widespread of the internet amongst teenagers, it has opened many communication avenues for us teens. Things like being able to be keep in touch with our peers both near and far, or allowing us to access new communities that suit our interest easily, or the very recent allowance for cultures to spread across continents. All of this allows teenagers to access a world that was unavailable to them just a decade ago, opening them to new ideas and opinions, most of which beneficial to us all. That’s not just it though! The internet in the hands of teenagers have spawned so much innovation such as its own subculture, various rules, social experiments and more. Getting into it now however, would be a horrible for the length of this post so I’ll save that for another post!

Screenshot 2016-02-19 00.41.11
Graph of survey conducted

The Bad

But as with every coin, there is a flip side. While the internet may provide the wonders stated above, many problems have spawned from the integration of our social lives with the internet. One of the most controversial problems would be the concern that ‘youngsters’ will slowly become unable to interact with one another physically as they spend more and more time online in a spiral down into addiction. In the study that I did to come up with this end product, I interviewed a lovely young gentleman of whom I posed this question to.


His response: “I really think that it’s all a matter of moderation, if you can properly manage your time and do what you have to do first, you won’t have a problem.” 

In the decade of the internet becoming widespread, the phenomenon has brought about teenagers forming an unnatural dependency to social media the same way as they have to Youtube. Being the 92% of teenagers cannot help but go online daily, Social Media Dependency has become a mental health issue that has had real world repercussions, such as the case in the hyperlink where a boy attempted suicide in attempts to take ‘selfies’. Case of depression amongst teenagers who feel that their social media presence affects them as a person is also rife and shows little signs of stopping.

The long explanation (a.k.a the ugly)

So what can we do? you might ask. How are we to challenge such great evil? Well I’m glad you decided to speak in such an olden and ominous tone, because the answer is simple.

Watch the video below.

Surrounding yourself positively and self awareness. In this video which discusses what addiction really is, the amazingly soothing voice over guy speaks of how it matters not what the addiction is because the cure is simply surrounding yourself with things and people that care for you (as cheesy as it sounds).

Having people who both you love and loves you will ensure that should you stumble in your attempt to rid yourself of this affliction, you will have people to help you fix your addiction. But of course, sometimes prevention is better than cure, and being self aware of what you’re getting into really helps you from falling into the trap that is Social Media Dependency.

And Finally

It is unmistakeable how large the impact of the internet has had on youth culture. And it is my belief that the negatives, while sinister and potentially horrific, is still heavily undermined by how much the internet has helped teens connected with one another in a whole new way and the amazing things that come from just the connection alone.

With that being said, I wouldn’t want to drag this post on for too long. Thus, I’ll end it here and carry on next week where we dance around the speaking totem pole that is me.



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